Sunday, August 14

My Grandson Thomas.

Thomas and his funny faces, here on the bus from town with his Auntie Claire x

Where did the past few years go?

Just got a new password for my blog, i think it's been about 2 years since i was in here, al least!! The last thing i posted was about Tony's 40th!! errrrr i think he's 43 now.....
Lots of changes, same job, same house, new totally great Grandson Thomas, will post some layouts when i can figure out how to do that agin, lol.... off to work it all out again... Sue x

Saturday, August 13

Can't believe this Blog hasn't been deleted!

Not written in this blog for a few years, WHERE did that go... anyhoo,,, changed my password and decided to start posting again,,, think this blog ended when FB started, lol.... lots of changes... will check in soon and update everyone :) Sue x

Friday, June 20

Happy 40th Tony.

One of my lil brothers is 40 end of this month, so I am
making him a scrapbook of some photo's that I have,
just something for him to have a smile at and maybe
he will remember those times too :) It's a surprise, he
won't find out yet cos he is on hols with his partner, they
come home the day of his BBQ at my parents,, here is a
few of the layouts I am doing, I will try to do 40, but we
will see if there is enough time :)
huggs Twiggs xxx


Was it Feb when i last posted, life is whizzin by eh :)
Still working, her, i think they like me, hehe..... work
with a great bunch of people and the pay isn't bad either...
What's happened?? Claire & Mark have bought a house
and have another lil dog, Chris & Nicola have bought a house
too and move in in a couple of weeks...... I booked a holiday,
yay!!! 2 weeks in Mexico in a few months, expensive but I
think it will be worth it :) that's it for now, will have to try
and pop in more often eh Mum :)
later,,,Twiggs xxx

Sunday, March 2

Chris's Birthday

We went for a meal on the Sunday night, it was Chris's Birthday on the Monday, had a really nice Chinese meal, pricey but VERY nice :) Mike wasn't there her was in Dubai visiting his Brother and getting his PADI certification, he wan't to go diving on hols :)

Had a nice night and Chris was surprised at his gift, he didn't think we would get him the bracelet that he wanted :)

Huggs Twiggs xxx

Another Party layout.

Ian was 50 the other week, I have been friends with Joyce his wife since the kids first started school in 1988, that's a LONNNNNG time :) We had a great night, the party was at the kids old primary school and lots of people from school and Church were there, the kids were amazed to see old pupils, teachers, dinner ladies etc :) there were just soooooo many people there, hope you had a great night Ian :)

huggs Twiggs xxx

Party Layouts time :)

OK so a friend from Uni was 40 the other week, her hubby did a surprise party and she DIDN'T realise, I love it when they don't have a clue :) here's a layout I did of us all....

Oh WOW!!

I CAN'T believe that I haven't updated since September!!! that's probably because I started my new job in October, wow,,,, well i guess i have been busy, lol.
Can't update it all now, there's just too much! Just going to post a few layouts that I've finished,,,,, Went for a perm position on Friday for where I am working, (i'm on Agency) and I think I blew it :(, you know when you go for an interview and you come out and all these bloody things start popping into your head, why didn't I say this? can't believe I didn't say that! hope I get it but they have interviewed soooo many that I may not :( oh well, we will see,,, i WILL update and let you all know :)
so....... let's see, the other weekend I had a 40th on Fri night, a 50th on Sat night and my Son's meal out Sunday night, I was soooooo tired after that, got an iffy tummy too, so I lost a days pay on the Monday as I was poorly sick :(
Will post the layouts next k,
byeeeee Twiggs xxx

Sunday, September 23

Hiya Monsters!!

Just had my niece & nephew overnight, it was Mums birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday Sam) and they went out to get hammered! hehe, suffered for it today though :) Kids were Angels, god knows what that child psychologist was on about?????? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa just kidding, cost me a fortune in chicken dippers and sweets, have you SEEN the price of kids comics!!!!! thank G my kids buy their own mags now!!! hehe,,, still enjoyed them staying, cheap at half the price,,,,, have a great week at school monsters, see you soon, huggers from Auntie S. xxx xxx

OH my G*******D!!

OMG! our passports ran out, sooooo, off to Max Sp to get some new pics done before they hike up the passport costs in October..... bloody nora, have we changed,, then i said to Mike that we look better now than we did in '97,,, so therefore in 2017 (did i just type that!?) we should look bloody gorgeous, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, not a chance!!!!!

So for the very very few of you that ACTUALLY read my blog, here we are, judge for yourself, have a laugh, print 'em off and throw darts at them, lol,,,, they have been posted off, this is what we are now supposed to look like for the next 10 years, looks like a couple of mugshots on Britains most wanted to me, see ya,,, Sue xxx

Sunday, September 16

Have a fab party Chloe :)

Hope you have a great party today sweetie, have fun with all your little friends and don't forget to make a wish when you blow out the candles :) can't wait to see the pics, loadsa love from Aunti Sunue :) xxx xxx xx
Kit used for layout is called 'Party Pants by Miss Mint at Peppermint Creative.

Almost forgot!

oo oo oo Forgot to say, hope you had a great time in Spain with Mum & dad, my Auntie Betty has just returned from her 2nd trip abroad in 73 years of your young life :) she would go away every few months now if she could, hehe,,,, see you soon, Twiggs xxx

TGI Sunday!!!

I am so glad it's Sunday, what a week!! can't tell you anything about it or you will think I live in some crime riddled town!!! why is it that the little scum bags always seem to wriggle out of what they do, the world has no consequences anymore and my faith in the justice system remains intact, or in other words shaky!!! grrrrrrr!

On a lighter note, my Sisiter should be back from Turkey, Mum should be back from Spain and my Niece turned 8 last Friday, what a cutie :) hiya monster :)

Tommorrow is the start of my supposed 2nd week annual hols, and I am working, sigh! need the money and I would only sit on my PC all day anyway :) oh well, there's always Christmas if I can afford it, lol.....

Chris is counting down the days to his Florida trip and Claire is going onto her 4th and final week of training in Wimbledon for her new job, so far she loves it, she will do just great :)

Darren if you are reading, hope you are feeling so much better since your Op, just sit back for the next 2 weeks and practice on your guitar :) waiting for a clip of you on media file, hehe,,,,

Trevs got a shiny new car, see how all the good stuff happens to others in my family, cars, hols, etc etc,,, whats been good for me this week, hmmmm, well I guess the men in white coats haven't carted me off yet so that's pretty cool, lol,,,, and someone told me I was beautiful, bless, taking them for their annual eye test next week, I think their prescription may need strengthening!!

K, will leave it at that for now, I finally got to adding Tammy's blog to my list, I am such a numpty with the technical stuff!!! see you soon, Twiggs xxx

Wednesday, September 5

Ohhhhhh Lyyyyyyne....

Haaaaaaa, now I know you read my blog,,, lookie lookie what I got, a SMILE,,, yep, you did give in a few times at the wedding, lol,,, soooo just thought the rest of the www should enjoy it too, oh and there's even a few of me, blurred (seeing as I can't take ones of myself!) hope someone else has some decent ones, usually I am invisible at family 'do's' :) sees you later, Twiggs xxx

Happy Wedding Day

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs M&M Oates :) My Sister Maria got married on Sunday, as usual the weather was c**p BUT, it didn't spoil the day, the Wedding was beautiful, everyone looked so great and Maria looked simply beaut9iful, she did ALL day, must be love :) Everything went great, no hitches that I saw, the bridesmaids were plenty and gorgeous and everyone really enjoyed the day. Wishing the both of you the best life ever, stay happy, enjoy life and remember to laugh a lot, enjoy your holiday this Thursday, will see you with all the pics soon, much love from us all,,, Sue xxx xxx

Rain, rain, go away!!!

P*****g it down AGAIN!!!!! there,,, got that one out of the way :) K, catchup....found out last Friday that I got another job, so now I have 3 casual jobs, lol, should be able to fill the hours with those I think :).... Saturday, went to the Craft Show at the G-Mex in Manchester... got the supplies to make my Sisters Wedding card (always on the last Min!!!!!) there was soooooooooo much stuff there that I could have bought but I am skint, payday is the 13th, oh well, the next one is in February I will just start saving..... forgot to take a photo of it, it was nice even if I say so myself,, more in a mo...Twiggs xxx